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鳥の翼 Tori no Tsubasa
10th-Jun-2007 07:42 pm - zomfg what happened to my weekend

GACK MY WEEKEND GOT PWNED BY MY COLD. DDDD: I wasted my whole two days of freedom coughing and breathing out of one nostril.

And then someone told me eat some wasabi right now, which would have been fine and dandy if they had told me all this yesterday... when there was still wasabi in the box. ><

hm~ exam results came back, all except for business studies because they mark slowly... I'm quite happy with my results ^^
Social Studies - Excellence
French - Excellence
English [Unfamiliar Texts] Excellence
English [Visual Texts] Excellence
English [Essay] Merit
Science - Excellence
PE - Excellence <----- zomfg I can't believe this, I didn't even study, just wrote in all my answers as if I knew exactly what I was talking about (which I didn't.)
Maths - Excellence

Waiting for my BST to come back... @___@

I think I have some personality issues atm, I'm not sure how to react to some things when they're said to me, half of me wants to reply with something and the other half wants me to say the opposite, arghhh~~ and other times I dunno how to reply at all and instead sit there for 2 mins not saying anything........... eh, I think a lot about the things I'm going to say before I say them so that I avoid offending the other person as much as possible, but then shirley says that I end up saying harsh things to her anyway... but it's impossible for me to tell how I'm being harsh because she didn't tell me and I don't know what I should do x_x. Therefore, if you're talking to me and I say something offensive/random/stupid ignore it and put it aside as a part of personality.

Hm... I have homework to do...
28th-May-2007 07:12 pm - meh

well, exams are tomorrow... yaay. =_= not really.

MAAAN I'm getting stupider or something @_@ I got Merit in my measurement test *one mark off excellence* .... and I missed a question in that test by accident...... and also, when the right answer was 11cm
2 I put 10.5cm2.....

These types of things always happen to me nowadays, mostly because of my carelessness towards, well.. everything @_@ I guess it's cuz I see no point in school lately =___=; I have no motivation to try hard cuz even when I do get a good score, my parents don't really reward me or anything, they just go 'okay keep it up :)', making me feel even more pressure...

but meh, I feel bad when I don't get a better score rofl so I'll try to get a good score these midyears anyway xD YOSH -determination-

--------5 mins later... 'zzzzzz..'------

lol I think there was something else I was gonna say but I kinda forgot what it was =w=;
20th-May-2007 09:57 pm - random spur of boredom

Life. It's a weird thing, isn't it? You think you know what's going to happen but more often than not, it surprises you at the last minute. Well I was feeling bored today so I had this random spur of creativity to update my blog(s) about weird things that may or may not (probably not) help you during your life =D

1) As an alternative to onions, apply toothpaste near eyes to induce crying. (it stings too x_x)
2) Deodorant can be used as pepper spray, as well as poison gas, alcohol, fuel for a fire and to shock someone's sense of smell for a period of time if inhaled at close distance. It's also cold so you could use it to freeze someone during winter maybe as well ._.
3) A potato peeler is sharp enough to penetrate through skin if applied with certain amount of force.
4) An umbrella is the equivalent of an everyday sword, only weaker and lighter.
5) It hurts when you walk into a tree. Don't do it.
6) Half the things people think they can or cannot do are purely psychosomatic. Believe you can do it and you probably can. (unless it's jumping off a plane without a parachute and surviving.)
7) They say when running out of your house when there's a fire, take nothing. That's only if it will hinder your way down to safe land. Take the most expensive small things you can with you that will not slow you down as you escape -- it's a waste of money if you don't.
8) Keep your desk organised so that you can immediately identify and grab the most expensive things you own to run out the door/window with in case your house catches on fire.
9) If your hands are cold, sit on them. You might get pins and needles but at least your hands get a hell of a lot warmer.
10) It is not a crime to cheat in a card game. But it brings shame to real cheaters if you can't do it properly.
11) Sunblock doubles as a moisturiser, but not the other way around.
12) If you want to keep your pale skin, fly north for the summer.
13) Keep a pen in your pocket at all times. It comes in useful at the oddest times and can double as a weapon if by some odd chance someone decides to rape you on the street.
14) Think before you speak and try to exercise some self-control....
15) Work out who your true friends are... would you die for them, or would you let them be killed so that you could live...?

Some Myths about Private Girls' Schools

1) Everyone is a lesbian. I go to a girls' school and I'm straight =P The ratio of gay/straight/bi people are the same as any other school. How does going to a single-sex school immediately make you homosexual? I'd like to know too.

2) You have no chance of meeting any guys. This is a stupid myth. Ask anyone who goes to a girl's school and they will tell you that yes, surprisingly enough we ARE allowed to go and meet up with guys in our own time. School only lasts for 7 hours, sometimes less. It's up to you what you do with the rest of your day.

3) The school fees are fucking expensive. I'm not going to argue with this one, but I don't think it's EVERY girls' school... ._.

4) Everyone's smarter. W-r-o-n-g~~~ In fact, I think I know lots of people (girls AND guys) smarter than me that are my age who do not even attend a single-sex private school.

5) You get screwed for doing little things like getting twink on your shirt or something. Yea, if you have a picky teacher. Isn't that the same for all schools though?

6) Everyone's rich as hell. What about the scholarship students?

7) You get lots of homework. Sometimes, yes. Most of the time it's quite smooth sailing actually (well, so far).They expect you to do about an hour each night but most of the time you sort of run out of homework to do before an hour is up...

8) There's loads of competition for academics. Damn, I wish there were, I really wish. There are only 180 or so people in a year group at my school so there aren't really enough to start streaming every class either, unfortunately. God, they should really start accepting more places and start streaming. They'd earn more money right?

9) Everyone gets super high scores for NCEA/Cambridge/IB. .........it's called studying? um, but really I'm not that far up the school yet so I don't really know. But damn our school better switch to IB soon or I'm leaving >.<

10) Everyone is all nicey-nice and catholic. LOL -points to nikki- YEAH RIGHT.

LOL YEA MY SECOND POST IN A WEEK!!! it's amazing, it's never happened before. I will try harder to update about my boring life but there's nothing really about it that you want to read about

GOSH sakurada dori's blog... updates twice or four times a day @_@ [for my asian culturally deprived friends, sakurada dori is a stage actor who acts as echizen ryoma in the 4th generation prince of tennis musical cast, but I still seriously doubt anyone knows what I'm talking about LOL] unfortunately I'm not someone with a lot of spare time and a lot to write so yes. ANYWAIIII come to think of it, he uses his mobile phone to update his blog anyway lol which is pretty crazy but I don't have such a pro phone

I want to get a camera phone ≧w≦~~~ somebody should buy one for my birthday 8D yeahhhh lol as if. I would be happy if like everyone I knew pitched in 5 bucks to get a phone tho harharharrrr~ come to think of it, that's what everyone should do for their friends, to get one big present instead of 32904823 little ones ^^ it's a good plan, but it would be hard to organise heh

hmmm talking about what I want... [I'm a very demanding child] I want a pair of low top converse chuck taylors ._. cuz all the shoes I own right now have a really high sole making me seem even taller than I am which is not good ∨___∨ well actually any low top shoes with low sole........ but chuck taylors are just about the only ones that look cool as well... did you know converse is a sub brand of nike? I love nike so much.

I also want the $40 w-inds. cd on sale at osia in newmarket DD: if it's still there that is >.<

DAMMIT WHOEVER STOLE MY DIGITAL CAMERA GIVE IT BACK!!! -ignores the fact that she is the one who lost it in the first place- so since I have no image capturing devices, all my entries are bland and boring and full of text. hontou ni gomenasaii....

demo, watakushi ga warukatta ja naiii~~~~ T____T <----probably amateur jap that does not even make sense.

OH YEA I ALSO REMEMBER!!! I want a hair straightener/curler 8D it would be fun to play with it lolol... and if not, then at least some gel? my hair is starting to go wavvyyyyy~~

to get your hair to lie flat after it dries after you have a shower, either stay up and don't go to sleep, or blow dry your hair ^^ apparently it's bad for your hair if you blowdry it though.... but, I've found that if I go to sleep, when I wake up, my hair goes wavy from my squishing it while it was still wet...

that's right, bernie's not the only one obsessed with hair =P

mmmm exams are coming up so I haven't been able to get round to doing a lot of drawing =( I've just been doing a couple of doodles here and there between classes...

yeah that's all lol =D have a good day ^^
9th-May-2007 07:36 pm - I'M NOT DEAD
Yup I'm actually alive and have not been murdered~~ because Panface pointed out that I haven't updated my lj in a loongggg time ^^


yes I had to do that. But anyway, she should really update her lj as well since it feels neglected :(

I finished HANA YORI DANGO + HANA YORI DANGO 2 a couple of days ago~~ it only took me a week ^^ It was good. I know what Angela was talking about now... I need to finished Kimi wa Petto sometime as well

and one piece lol but it's so massive I don't really feel much motivation to keep going haha

Gosh I have nothing really so say but I can just random and it will seem long because of the big text :P

somebody should give me $40 so I can go to osia and buy their w-inds cd :]
12th-Dec-2006 03:39 pm - Prizegiviing~
Well today we finally had prizegiving =D After two days of terrible sitting through nothing practice, it's finally overrrrrr~

HEHE nothing funny happened. >> There were just lots of speeches while I was shifting around on the bench because I forgot to go to the loo beforehand.

But, when the dux of the year gave out her speech, halfway through, she got very emotional and was like T______T and we were all like ;_______; as well because when you see someone T_______T-ing you just want to ;_______; as well, don't you think?

LOL I let Bernie touch my cup >D She was dancing everywhere like the immature 8 7 6 5 year old she is. Yey I now get to keep my big cup for a year before they ask for it back~ Steph told me to steal it but I didn't want to in case they come chasing after me >>

Too bad my certificates got crumpled under my bag on the way home... ;_;

M hm~ Today the prizegiving list was announced in assembly~ At first, I didn't know what I got because everyone was laughing as the person was reading out my name. O.o I don't even know what was so funny... they laughed TWICE. The second time, the person got really pissed off and there was this disapproving silence for about 15 seconds, and I was thinking, "LoL... PWNZED."

Later, when I asked my friend what I got, she told me that I got Overall Y8 Academic prize, Mathematic's prize and Trust Board Scholarship... And then someone else claimed there was something else but I'm pretty sure that's all @_@

DAMN now I have to attend all the prizegiving practices again DD: It's so long... it's depressing just thinking about it... (And it just so happens that the people who didn't get awards don't have to sit through the practices.. LUCKY!)

Heehee. I'm not going to tell my parents until the letter arrives for them :) +evil+ Gosh, all my friends on dA and LJ know now, as well as everyone in my year... Kekeke I wonder how they'll take it...

I'm happy to know I have smart friends XD While sitting at lunch, someone pointed out at everyone in our little lunch eating group got prizes~ Yey, go us :) Uwaa, but Joy seemed to be really surprised that she got something (but now her Dad owes her $100 LOL)... Mm hm~

Hehe, I ended it the same way as I started... ._. Is that bad?
14th-Nov-2006 08:26 pm(no subject)
zmallet's Word Usage
1. i (104) 26. are (15) 51. tennis (10) 76. as (7)
2. the (102) 27. one (15) 52. prince (9) 77. did (7)
3. to (91) 28. do (14) 53. go (9) 78. wall (7)
4. and (89) 29. got (14) 54. from (9) 79. much (7)
5. a (66) 30. get (13) 55. this (9) 80. make (7)
6. you (58) 31. who (13) 56. into (9) 81. made (7)
7. was (58) 32. how (13) 57. day (9) 82. night (7)
8. it (46) 33. which (13) 58. school (9) 83. before (7)
9. in (44) 34. me (12) 59. out (9) 84. age (6)
10. of (43) 35. by (12) 60. name (9) 85. end (6)
11. that (37) 36. i'm (12) 61. really (8) 86. took (6)
12. we (37) 37. all (12) 62. home (8) 87. her (6)
13. my (36) 38. no (12) 63. d (8) 88. i'll (6)
14. with (33) 39. be (12) 64. it's (8) 89. couldn't (6)
15. so (29) 40. she (11) 65. x3 (8) 90. time (6)
16. at (29) 41. because (11) 66. then (8) 91. xd (6)
17. for (23) 42. what (10) 67. some (8) 92. top (5)
18. your (22) 43. there (10) 68. well (8) 93. even (5)
19. up (22) 44. were (10) 69. when (8) 94. today (5)
20. on (21) 45. just (10) 70. fun (8) 95. down (5)
21. have (18) 46. back (10) 71. super (7) 96. our (5)
22. had (18) 47. love (10) 72. 5 (7) 97. went (5)
23. but (18) 48. 3 (10) 73. 2 (7) 98. if (5)
24. is (17) 49. too (10) 74. about (7) 99. him (5)
25. he (15) 50. like (10) 75. after (7) 100. again (5)
Word Count by Hutta.

AAA I'm so self-absorbed. O_o I used the word 'I' a lot ne... T_T
9th-Nov-2006 06:23 pm - Funny traffic jam
HAHAHA I just came home from a piano lesson, and on the way back, the road was bloked (The wind was really strong today, it was like a mini tornado, there were bits of trees flying everywhere!), so we had to make a detour... turns out my mum didn't know anything about that area, so we ended up following a car. It turned into a no exit street XDD; And to make it worse, about 7 cars behind us also followed hahahahahaaaa XDDDD I found that extremely funny.

What's more, after we got out, we went into ANOTHER No Exit streeet~~~ My brother said,"Mum, it's a no exit street. It was on a sign at the beginning!" But my mum didn't believe him... ==;

It took us 15 minutes to get home harharharrrrr~ (Normally only about 5...) Wah, wind is really bad for traffic ne?

(⌒∇⌒ )~♪ 'till next time~!
31st-Oct-2006 05:14 am(no subject)

Your Scholastic Strength Is Developing Ideas

You can take a spark of inspiration and turn it into a full fledged concept.
You are talented at brainstorming, visualizing, organizing, and independent thinking.

You should major in:

Natural sciences
Computer science
Creative writing
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