w o o n y :D (zmallet) wrote,
w o o n y :D

You mean you can't take less... it's very easy to take more than nothing.

yup I found alice in wonderland.

lol I had the weirdest dream last night =3= tina made me go mad. I dreamt that I was reading a newspaper for reasons I know nothing of (I haven't seen a newspaper for a couple of months in fact) with an advertisment by WYOMING for a vacuum cleaner... yeah. And then it cut to a little old lady walking into a sunglasses shop with him inside and she started sucking things up with her feet.

yeah i was like WTF too.

here's an faq for everyone who asks me stuff that I have to answer all the time because I am lazy and can't stand it anymore =3=

q. what does ZMALLET mean?
a. nothing. it has no significant meaning, I had to make a new email address because some annoying people kept bugging me on my old one so I did. And at that point I had an obsession with mallets and I saw that not many people had emails starting with the letter z and so I joined it together... zmallet... ze mallet... the mallet.. lol

q. can I ask you a question?
a. no.

q. when's your birthday?
a. july 30th and every day after that according to sarah :D

q. can you draw something for me?
a. no unless you wanna pay me a lot of money because I am a lazy ass and I don't like drawing complex stuff for other people for free cuz that means that I have no good reason to reject everyone else who asks me. sorry though :)

q. what degrees are your glasses? (yeah I actually get asked this a lot lol)
a. -3.75 in left eye and -5.00 in right eye.

q. did we have maths/science/english/sst/etc/etc homework?
a. I haven't the faintest clue.

q. what nationality are you?
a. chinese... not korean, not japanese =3= lol... I've had people ask me if I can speak jap or korean even after I told them I'm chinese... gee lol I can't even properly read chinese let alone other languages @_@

q. can I copy your homework?
a. maths -- there are answers in the back. science -- no. business studies -- sure if you don't mind getting a few totally wrong. english -- it would kinda look dodgy with two identical essays lol.

q. what does 1337 mean?
a. 1337 = leet = elite = the coolest. check wikipedia or something... I've been asked this so many times that I just don't want to explain again in full @_@

q. who's better, light or L?
a. light forever :D

will add to this later on... maybe xD
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