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dingding new layout :)


Yeah hey I updated my LJ layout finally... I've been mucking around the coding but it still doesn't look how I want it to so I'll stuff around with it a bit more later since I haven't been coding anything seriously since errr.. I dunno, 2 years ago? XD And, I also have no idea how lj's codes work.

My friend made me obsessed with Hey!Say!7......... Though she probably didn't intend to =3= those boys are chooo cute (especially little chinen) and now I know how tina feels when she pedos over someone LOL.

Though I am not 100% guilty since three fifths of the group is still older than me... -shifty eyes-

Does anyone know where the classics section is in the school library? I want to read Alice in Wonderland but I dunno where to find it (though I haven't even gone round trying to look for it either, but it's so much easier to ask for help.)

I'm meant to be doing tech homework now. I stupidly left all my concepts and stuff in my social studies book where I put it for safekeeping. So now I have to redraw everything @____@ I can just tell that the world loves me.

I might skip FPS tomorrow for Science because I feel guilty for my microsoft word dying and therefore never finishing my science fair, plus I still have no clue about plant germination and stuff. But then I would have to do my science homework too.

wtf am I wasting so much time =_= i'm going to do my homework now (for real! I'm not going to watch the episode of Hana Kimi which I just loaded!)
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