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鳥の翼 Tori no Tsubasa
urgh, sugar overload. 
30th-Jul-2007 07:33 pm
I cannot take sugar in large amounts..........

and I had:

3 of my friend Joy's super-packed-with-sugar-so-that-there-is-nothing-else-in-them brownies
a piece of chocolate and hazelnut birthday cake
a piece of green tea tofu cake (which was actually about as sugar packed as the chocolate btw).

DDD: It hurts... gahhhh stomache... -clutches-

but yes, I'm 14 now D; I feel old... I don't want to grow up @___@

Oh yeah, on Saturday, I found out that I have the best parents in the world ever.

They forgot that I was at chinese school and left me waiting for an hour outside ._____.
In fact, when I called them, my mum was like, "Ah! I forgot! You're still at chinese school? I'll come now..."

I wonder what would've happened if I let them get home and realise I wasn't there ...
30th-Jul-2007 10:06 am (UTC)
Oh man. Oh man. *dies laughing*
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