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鳥の翼 Tori no Tsubasa
zomfg what happened to my weekend 
10th-Jun-2007 07:42 pm

GACK MY WEEKEND GOT PWNED BY MY COLD. DDDD: I wasted my whole two days of freedom coughing and breathing out of one nostril.

And then someone told me eat some wasabi right now, which would have been fine and dandy if they had told me all this yesterday... when there was still wasabi in the box. ><

hm~ exam results came back, all except for business studies because they mark slowly... I'm quite happy with my results ^^
Social Studies - Excellence
French - Excellence
English [Unfamiliar Texts] Excellence
English [Visual Texts] Excellence
English [Essay] Merit
Science - Excellence
PE - Excellence <----- zomfg I can't believe this, I didn't even study, just wrote in all my answers as if I knew exactly what I was talking about (which I didn't.)
Maths - Excellence

Waiting for my BST to come back... @___@

I think I have some personality issues atm, I'm not sure how to react to some things when they're said to me, half of me wants to reply with something and the other half wants me to say the opposite, arghhh~~ and other times I dunno how to reply at all and instead sit there for 2 mins not saying anything........... eh, I think a lot about the things I'm going to say before I say them so that I avoid offending the other person as much as possible, but then shirley says that I end up saying harsh things to her anyway... but it's impossible for me to tell how I'm being harsh because she didn't tell me and I don't know what I should do x_x. Therefore, if you're talking to me and I say something offensive/random/stupid ignore it and put it aside as a part of personality.

Hm... I have homework to do...
10th-Jun-2007 09:16 am (UTC)
Man... in Y9 I was so hard out. *_*

Anyways.... I'm like that too. Though I usually go with the response that I like rather than think about the effect it will have. Life's too short to waste time placating other people, yeah?
15th-Jun-2007 01:46 am (UTC) - ~~
Heehee! not blocked !! Lol i was looking up stephy's username [blastoxy] and it came up that she won the neopets caption contest or something ... and also she wrote a neopet story! lol a neopets hardowt!!!
18th-Jun-2007 06:18 am (UTC)
BWAH I love that icon XD *steals*
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